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Greetings to all. My name is Mike Hoppe and just yesterday finalized my formal instruction at Steven's Truck Driving school by passing my Class A driving exam. I am pumped!! Chuck please give a shout out to Jason and Manny. I am so glad I went with Steven's Trucking School. Jason was so patient with me! His instruction was comprehensive and given in laymen terms for one who has not been around the trucking industry. He allowed me to develop lesson by lesson and always gave me encouraging words. Even when I screwed up big time he never lost his cool!! That being said, when I needed to be reprimanded because of major safety issues Jason was forthright with his disapproval, which was for my good and in the end made me better. There is so much I could say but, I just want to let you know Jason was professional every step of the way and has become a friend. Though Jason was not able to take me to my Driving test on the last day, Manny who stepped in for him was outstanding!!! He put me at ease and gave me some very pertinent pointers that got me through this very anxious time. Kudos to him!!!! As Jason, he was professional in every step of the way. Chuck you too gave me a great thought when I shared with you my anxiousness about my upcoming driving exam. You put it in perspective for me and actually made me chuckle. Going forward, I will always recommend your school for those considering a trucking career. Many Thanks!!! Mike